As Tennessee’s first manufacturer of hard cider, Long Road Cider spent the last six years quietly perfecting their craft and carving out a niche with the dry, oak-aged ciders that their fans have come to expect. Sales soon outpaced production, and so today, Delta Blues Winery is now the proud home of this West Tennessee treasure. Stop by our tasting room to sample hard ciders and fruit wines and learn about the processes used to turn freshly-pressed apple juice into an unpretentious treat!

Long Road Cider can be purchased from some of the finest vendors in Shelby County:

Miss Cordelia’s Market
Flying Saucer (Downtown & Cordova)
Central BBQ (Downtown, Midtown, & E. Memphis)
Loflin Yard
Joe’s Wines & Liquors
Cash Saver
The Lamplighter
Lucchesi’s Beer Garden
French Truck Coffee
Crosstown Art Bar
Bounty on Broad
Lucky Cat
Meddlesome Brewery
PO Press

Long Road ciders are always free of concentrates, artificial flavors, chemical additives, and gluten!